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ELECTRI International Announces RFP Focus for 2014 Research
As of June 18, 2018

Published on: 
October 7, 2013
Press Release

ELECTRI International – The Foundation for Electrical Construction Inc. has issued its 2013-14 Request for Proposals. Responses are invited from research organizations and researchers interested in studying Electrical Construction from a business perspective.

ELECTRI has identified two high priority topics that its leaders believe would be valuable to study during 2014. Researchers are given the option to address either one of the following issues:

  •  How is productivity measured for either inside work or line work and what is the impact of prefabrication on productivity?
  • How successful has the integration been of including CW and CE classifications in the electrical workforce and what training is needed to take better advantage of the opportunities presented by these new worker classifications?

and/or to offer a research subject that they develop from ELECTRI's list of key areas:

  • Career Awareness, Productivity Enhancement
  • Organizational Development
  • New Business Sector
  • Technology Transfer


The first submission deadline is a one-page, electronic project summary, due November 8, 2013. All project proposals will be reviewed by ELECTRI’s Program Review Committee. Four to six researchers selected from Round One will be notified by December 2nd and their complete proposals will be due by January 10, 2014. Finalists will be invited to make oral presentations at the ELECTRI Council meeting in Florida, January 29-31, 2014. At that meeting, the Council will select the projects to commission for 2014. 

Complete details on ELECTRI’s 2013 Request for Proposals can be found at

There are two contacts available to researchers for additional information: 

Sylvia Selwood, ELECTRI Director of Operations and University Relations or 301-215-4539

Jerald L. Rounds, Ph.D., P.E., Academic Liaison for ELECTRI or 623-935-2572.


ELECTRI International – The Foundation for Electrical Construction, Inc. is the primary research arm of the electrical construction industry. Foundation research helps to improve the productivity, professionalism and competitiveness of electrical contractors. ELECTRI International also represents the U.S. electrical construction industry internationally. 

For additional information about the ELECTRI International Research Center, contact Sylvia Selwood, ELECTRI Director of Operations and University Relations, at 301-215-4539 or More information about ELECTRI International research and program can be found at