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ELECTRI Board Streamlined
As of May 22, 2018

Published on: 
April 11, 2012
Electrical News

The ELECTRI International Board of Directors has voted to accept recommended governance changes that will help streamline the Foundation’s operations. The vote to restructure the Board came from a series of changes detailed in a research study commissioned by the Foundation during 2011. The vote was approved by ballot on April 10, 2012.

The 2012 ELECTRI International Board of Directors will include NECA President Dennis Quebe serving as Foundation Chair; ELECTRI Council Chair Darrell Gossett serving as Board Vice Chair; two additional members from the ELECTRI Council: Tom Curran and Brad Giles; three appointed members from the NECA Vice Presidents: Greg Stewart, Alex Owen, and Ron Autrey; Member Emeritus Richard McBride, and NECA Immediate Past President, Rex Ferry. There are also two non-voting members of the ELECTRI Board: ELECTRI President Russ Alessi serves as Board Secretary and NECA CEO John M. Grau serves as Board Treasurer. 

Announcing the results of the vote, Alessi explained, “While ELECTRI International had accomplished a lot working with a larger Board, we are all convinced that accepting a new, smaller structure will be better for both policy decisions and for our operations going forward for the next 20 years.” The ELECTRI Board also agreed to a number of other changes. The Board will now meet three times per year and its committee structure has been formalized to include both Executive and Investment Committees.  

For additional information about ELECTRI International and the report on Governance and Operations, contact Russ Alessi, ELECTRI President, at 301-215-4518 or .