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As of June 21, 2018

Published on: 
February 27, 2013

ELECTRI International is pleased to announce that one of the featured education sessions at this April's NECA Now Conference (Phoenix, April 15-18) is a direct result of research sponsored by ELECTRI through its Early Career Awards program.

Greg McCann, Director of the Family Enterprise Center at Stetson University, will present the Tuesday morning and afternoon breakout sessions Developing Talent - Generating Success as your Family Business Evolves. It is based upon the 2012 Early Career Award Study, entitled Generating Success: An Exploration of the Issues Facing the Electrical Construction Industry through the Lens of Family Business, conducted by McCann and Dr. Michelle DeMoss, also of Stetson University.

The rationale provided by McCann and DeMoss for the original study states, "...the business world is experiencing greater interdependency and exponential change. Included in the causes and effects of this increasing rate of change are globalization, technology, and more than ever before, four generations in the workplace at the same time. [The] need to manage exponential change in a family enterprise is most effectively dealt with by proactively developing a more professionalized family; management structure; and ownership and/governance system."

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ELECTRI International will be very much front and center at NECA Now, "exhibiting" in the main promenade adjacent to the NECA conference registration area and meeting rooms.
Come visit with ELECTRI staff and members of the ELECTRI Council to find out more about this year's Green Energy Challenge Competition for NECA Student Chapters. Take a look at recently-released research results...volunteer for a Task Force for a current research project...go online to test ELECTRI's user-friendly, keyword-search, interactive web site.

Join us in celebrating the success of the amazing Talent Initiative at $675,000 with a target goal of $700,000 just around the corner.